Our Services
  1. Personal Income Taxes
    We specialize in tax preparation and planning for individuals with: Stock Compensation Real estate and asset sales Sole proprietor business Multi generational tax returns to optimize college credits, gifts and business payments Tax returns for U.S. expatriates and certain foreign nationals Real estate partnerships and 1031 exchanges
  2. Business Taxes
    We assist businesses in establishing the best entity type based on their situation and federal and state tax laws. We prepare taxes and guide clients in: LLCs C Corporations and sub chapter S corporations Multi-partner partnerships Planning entry, exit, and on-going business activity for compliance and tax minimization. Startup C corporations
  3. Accounting
    We provide flexible accounting packages for businesses. Our accounting services include: Assistance in initial set up of books and chart of accounts, primarily with Quickbooks online and other services like Xero and Wave Annual and quarterly bookkeeping Year end adjustments for our tax clients Ad-hoc projects that require in depth accounting knowledge
  4. International Tax
    Our services to clients with international exposure include: U.S. corporations with foreign subsidiaries or ownership interests U.S. subsidiaries or ownership interests of foreign corporations Expatriate citizens tax returns U.S. tax returns of certain foreign nationals Partnerships which include non U.S. partners Guidance on handling foreign transactions
  5. Trusts and estates
    Trusts and estates are usually complex returns and we often work with the attorneys and fiduciaries involved to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. Our tax consultation and preparation include: Final tax returns and trust tax returns for deceased taxpayers Taxes for special needs trusts, grantor type trusts and other specific trusts Estate tax returns
  6. Tax Audits
    Our philosophy is to plan and organize our work so that audits are few and far between. Nevertheless, we assist individual and business clients with IRS audits, California FTB audits and sales tax audits: Prepare back taxes with bank statements and documentation Manage IRS audits and negotiation Manage California BOE sales tax audits
  7. Sales Taxes
    We specialize in California sales tax issues, and can help you set up and navigate California Board of Equalization (sales tax agency). Our services include: Initial setup of BOE accounts Identifying sales subject to sales tax Periodic filing of sales tax Navigating CA sales tax audits Organization of books and records to audit proof your business for CA sales tax issues
  8. Non-Profits
    We work with several local non-profit organizations. Our services include: Non-profit tax returns Non-profit formation and tax exempt status with IRS and California Reinstatement of non-profits that have lost their tax exempt status Ongoing accounting and tax assistance for non-profits
  9. Other Services
    From time to time we provide other services that may not be included in our tax return packages. These are separately negotiable and may include: Financial statement preparation, reviews and audits One time consultation on tax issues related to immigration, and international exposure Accounting for trusts and estates Accounting necessary for business disputes and divorces