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Our mission is to leverage years of Fortune 100 work experience to bring tax and accounting solutions to businesses and individuals at reasonable rates. We bring you large company experience paired with small firm access.
  1. Our Expertise
    Our Expertise
    In over ten years of experience with Fortune 100 companies we have dealt with stock compensation, company debt and derivatives, forecasting, projects related to mergers and acquisitions, and customer order to collections process. Our current business has been in operation since 2012. During this time we have helped multiple businesses and individuals streamline and organize their accounting with the goal of minimizing taxes and manage tax compliance.
  2. Personal Attention
    Personal Attention
    Some clients have a "hands on" approach to their tax and accounting issues, and some are "hands off". Most of our clients want dependable, quality services that will educate them on the best tax planning methods while keeping them in compliance with the law. Every situation is unique and we optimize our strategy for each family, individual or business to get the most in tax savings or credits. We stress tax planning for both individual as well as business clients.
  3. Integrity
    Our firm has a transparent and predictable fee structure. We have an initial meeting with the client to review their needs during which we typically provide a price range for the project. Projects are typically completed within the price range. In some cases additional information is unearthed during completion of a complex project which may require us to revise our price estimates or use hourly billing. This is communicated well before project completion.
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We offer packages for individuals, businesses, closely held companies and startups.
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